Covid19 outbreak

The Challenger

My Experience in Pandemics

I left those thoughts aside and increased my commitment to meditation and veganism.
In the first weeks, I also fight the panic with movement. I either could be at midnight running up and down the stairs for a while or set up a Zoom meeting to dance with friends in Australia and other parts of the world.
I was also dancing by myself in the park or in my room. I never liked karaoke much, but I started singing with some apps.
No need to say, for my academic research, I was most of the days from morning to evening at the computer. After a while, I started to get used to it, so my soul did not require idleness or play, sing, or dance.
Without taking the time for idleness and creative actions, I started to feel mentally and physically ill after a while. Then I would look for well-being activities to help me leave inertia, reshape the energy, and find inspiration to do nice things capable of filling the body and soul with joy.
I did paint dozens of watercolors on special sheets and in a sketchbook. I thought it would be possible to organize an art exhibition at the end of the year. Something like "surviving the pandemic."
Yet, the pandemic is still here. Although I could not move much in the last nine months, I am moving lots of ideas which I feel very excited about.
Some dreams have shrunk. I wish the scholars who claim we can live about two hundred years are right. Otherwise, I will have to learn how to master the speed of time like a superhero.
That is a story to be continued. ;)

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