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We want to break down the concrete wall, erected by the dominant social organization, that separates being from appearance, the spoken from the unspoken, the private from the social.


Felix Guattari, 2009 ("Chaosophy: Texts and Interviews 1972-1977, p. 210)

Bioethics of Nonpresence

Essay Abstract

This essay presents a discussion of how body and mind transformations guided by technological revolutions have their influence on epistemology. I argue that Bioethics is a new ethics that combines the complexities of a world - and human relations- mediated by technologies. Therefore, rather than a mere tool to solve problems, this essay advocates Bioethics as a theory field and proposes that the understanding of nonpresence as a device to enter the invisible realm of physical and symbolic impacts that ideas have in life. Ideas transform into anything: artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, and robotics. Ideas impact and transform bodies and consciousness equally. Therefore, this essay raises epistemological discussions seeking the foundations of technological projects. From mind-body division to a concept of wholeness, the readers may think for themselves about which concept better serves the idea of integrity. In conclusion, we speculate about possible solutions to the problems presented by centuries of mining, extraction, and, in most cases, a lack of consideration for lives. Through ideal-ideas speculation, we invite the readers to think about solutions, empathize with the ones who present them, and work for a better present and future with social and environmental responsibility, which is the desirable bioethical perspective.

Published as "Bioethics of Nonpresence: body, philosophy, and machines"

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