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proto-science fiction already hinted at the sexual possibilities between human and other (...). The genre would then imagine far more explicit human/machine sexual interfaces in advance of cyborg feminism and cyberpunk (...)


Louis Chude-Sokei, 2015 ("The Sound of Culture: Diaspora and Black Technopoetics")

Human Robot Interaction (HRI)

Selections of the publications

In love with machines: the bioethical debate about sexual automation

Abstract: A number of companies around the world are now developing and selling sex robots. Questions such as “how will relationships with robots impact human relations in the future” emerge when technologies are used to meet the social and emotional needs of individuals. Considering that technology and design have embedded values and biases, this article surveys the use of sex robots from a bioethical perspective. Relationships with robots and computational systems, like Artificial Intelligence, are a possibility for many people around the world. We present questions raised by the voices in favor of robot sex, and against it.  Beyond a binary polarization, the bioethical perspective recalls the Foucaultian concepts of biopolitics and biopower to situate the problems with the mechanization of intimate relationships. We argue that sex robots offer the opportunity to review old patterns regarding gender, inequality, and health. 


The “Use” of Sex Robots: A Bioethical Issue

Abstract: The manufacture of humanoid robots with embedded artificial intelligence and for sexual purposes has generated some debates within bioethics, in which diverse competing views have been presented. Themes such as sexuality and its deviations, the objectification of women, the relational problems of contemporary life, loneliness, and even the reproductive future of the species constitute the arguments which have emerged in relation to this subject. Based on these themes, this article presents the current state of the use of female sex robots, the bioethical problems that arise, and how bioethics could serve as a medium for both thinking about and resolving some of these challenges.

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