Elen Nas

Artist & Researcher

My Story

My childhood and growth were under indigenous influence—an experience of freedom and self-governance at an early age. However, only recently, I realize that my indigenous ancestors are all part of my multiethnic inheritance besides blacks and whites from different nations. In Brazil, we have a big smoke curtain on this ethnic identity. 
I found ways to scape the untold stories by being creative in different Arts and academic research fields.
First, the concerns with social justice approached me to the Social Sciences. I was invited to a Grant in Political Science, and my work was awarded. At the same time, I also was studying music and was awarded in Festival with a voice performance.
After dedicating many years to the Music and Arts field, I went back to University for a Master's in Design. The thesis about electronic art was published in Portuguese.
The Ph.D. in Bioethics is continuity for a creative investigation about the bio/ethical concerns involving Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.


P.h.D. Bioethics

Master Design

Bachelor in

Social Science


Portuguese (Expert)

English (Fluent)

Spanish (Fluent)

French (Intermediate)

Publications & Conference Presentations

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