Elen Nas

Artist & Researcher

My Story

By accomplishing good results in exams in both, the Master and the P.h.D held in different institutions in Brazil; I got Grants from the Brazilian Coordination for Higher Education Improvement (CAPES). Besides the Pontifical Catholic University (Department of Arts and Design), for the Master, and the interinstitutional program for the P.h.D. (Post Graduation Program of Bioethics, Applied Ethics and Public Health - PPGBIOS) held by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), University of Rio de Janeiro State (UERJ), and Federal Fluminense University (UFF); I'm also awarded a special Grant to develop research abroad. In 2019 I was at Monash University (Australia), at the Philosophy Department, and I am currently at the University of California at the Informatics Department.
I also participate in the BraiNNIAC Network, a research group investigating the areas of Neuroscience (BraiN), Nanotechnology (N), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cognition (C), and you will find out more about my research interests by navigating in this site, and the other links indicated. You may also contact me to discuss any of the topics related to my work and research.

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