Covid19 outbreak

The Challenger

My Experience in Pandemics

I arrived at the University of California in February, 2020.

On March 14th, I was still adapting from the arrival of Australia. I made incredible friends there, but I also went through some events that left me devastated. To mention just one, the fires at the beginning of the year filled the air with smoke. It was impossible to escape from the smoke. Neither sleeping with closed windows, nor near the sea, nor on the top of the mountain in Tasmania.
Thus, the beginning of the pandemic reinforced the feeling that everything is falling apart, and there is nowhere to hide from disaster.
I had panic symptoms. When I closed my eyes, my body fell, and I stopped breathing. I couldn't sleep. It seemed like a strange way to die.
Being caught by a virus also seems like a bizarre way to die.
The fact that so many people in the world had the same fear at the same time gave me the following certainty: we are in the third world war.
Rockets will not fall from the sky; we are now forbidden to express our affections through the body, touch, embrace, handshake. Even our live communication becomes a hindrance. I write this, and I feel like crying.
Now embrace, and contact is prohibited in the world. Okay, let's go through this and be creative, as always. But the virtual world is both a reduction and an illusion at the same time.
It manages to give the message. We can communicate, exchange information, and learn a lot, but without life in the community, we are handicapped.